About us

The team at Gower & Mae provide a professional, client orientated and informative environment offering Property opportunities from around the globe.

The range of choice available in the Property industry can leave many daunted and confused. Searching through the many different projects and  options available and considering the ups and downs of markets can leave people feeling overwhelmed. Not only do clients have to search through the many available options but they have to consider how these will fit into a diversified property portfolio that will suite their overall objectives.

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Built on a foundation of 25 years of professional working knowledge and experience in the Finance, Banking and Property markets, the Gower and Mae team offer a unique range of diverse properties to our global client networks.

Here at Gower and Mae we are committed to making Property purchases an informative, stress free, simpler and a more client centric process working with our clients based in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas.

We understand that as global markets have changed so to have the decision making processes for many individuals. We recognise that products need to be clearly communicated with integrity, transparency and based on fact. We aim to provide clients with the ability to make their own decisions based on clarity of information and knowledge.

Our approach is to assist clients in the process of product discovery in the ever changing property environment by offering timely, clear and candid information on the projects and services we offer.

We feel this in turn will maximise returns for our clients enhancing portfolio value and overall performance.  Contact us today to discuss our products and services