Property Investments

Student Property Investment

Gower & Mae Student Property Investment – Key Features:

  • Located in prime UK university towns and cities
  • Established and proven property management available
  • Legal transaction providing secure ownership of your asset
  • Finished to high specifications with onsite facilities
  • Rental Incomes of over 8% paid to investors
  • Excellent prospects for capital growth

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Hotel Room Investment

Gower & Mae Hotel Room Investment – Key Features:

  • Operational and Pre construction Hotel room property
  • Purchased with national/international branding in place
  • Legal transaction providing secure ownership of your asset
  • Full on site hotel services and management company
  • Rental Incomes of 8%-15% paid to investors
  • Opportunites available nationwide

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Residential Property Investment

Gower & Mae Residential Property Investment – Key Features:

  • Residential property UK & selected international locations
  • Individual and bulk investment options available
  • Legal transaction providing secure ownership of your asset
  • Rental property both tenanted and vacant on possession
  • Rental Incomes of over 6% available to investors
  • On and off market opportunites available

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Commercial Property Investment

Gower & Mae Commercial Property Investment – Key Features:

  • Off market opportunities
  • Transactions range in size from £250,000 – £20,000,000+
  • Ownership and debt funding options available
  • Prvate search and retained services available
  • Low risk covenants including Tesco and Sainsbury’s
  • Individual investor consultations required

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The team at Gower & Mae look to source the best property investments and rental property opportunities within the market and deliver them to our clients through clear and informative methods that highlight why we feel the property represents a real opportunity.  Feel free to contact us today to find out more about our products and services.


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